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Chubby Eyes


Well, after many months of waiting. they’ve finally arrived, Clinique’s Chubby Sticks for Eyes and they were worth every second of the anticipation!

They are lovely! Lovely! LOVELY! They’re exactly the same size and shape as the chubby sticks for lips – they’re fat and crayon-like and friendly and grabbable – for some reason I thought they’d be a miniature version of the lips one, but no, they’re the exact same, a fine, big, chunky, reassuring hoult.

Many of you know of my obsession for the original Chubby Sticks. So much so that one Sunday, after seeing an ad in Grazia - the one with the cubes of jelly, do you know it? -  I actually specially got up out of bed and actually specially had a shower and actually specially got dressed and actually specially got in the car and actually specially drove to Blackrock and actually specially went to the chemist in the shopping centre and actually specially bought two colours.

I was thunderstruck and enchanted and I thought long and hard about why they were so instantly, compellingly desirable. Okay, the facts. Well, a Chubby Stick is a lipstick/gloss hybrid, so you get beautiful colour without the song and dance or statement of a lipstick. You don’t need a lipliner or a steady hand, you can swipe it on without a mirror and you won’t look like a clown or a looper . Also, thanks to Shea butter, Chubby Sticks have excellent glidiness so they don’t dry out the lips like lipstick does. But! Very important, this bit! They’re not gloopy like lipgloss, so you don’t end up with your hair stuck to your face when it’s windy. And the colour doesn’t (well, not very much) come off on the side of mugs.

But everyone with a scrap of sense knows that a beloved beauty product is about a lot more than what it does and Chubby Sticks are very friendly  - like a chunky crayon, they’ve got lovely ‘handfeel.’ They’re nice and solid and safe - I find it reassuring to see mine rolling around in the bottom of my handbag like two little pink pals and sometimes if I’m very anxious I hold on tight to one of them and it always helps me.

It’s exactly the same with the Chubby Eyes. How they work is, you simply ‘draw’ on your eye-colour, the same as if you were drawing a cat with a crayon in arts and hobbies class when you were 5 – no need for brushes or fiddly foam-applicators. My worry was that they’d ‘drag’ a bit on the fragile skin of the eyelids. But not a bit of it! Their Glide-Factor is sky-high. They don’t put up any kind of fight when you ask them to fulfill their duty. On the contrary, they’re ready and willing to work, they more than meet you half-way and one smooth creamy stroke gives perfect buildable colour.

One of the many many things Chubby Eyes have going for them is that they’re not powder, so they won’t spill around the bottom of my handbag and better still, they won’t spill anything on my eye-lash extensions (which is code-red verboten.) But the Chubby Eyes are long enough that I’m able to manipulate them with dexterity so that I don’t accidentally touch and immediately dislodge one of my eyelash extensions. (Yes, again with the eyelash extensions. Much as I love them, having eyelash extensions is like being in a dysfunctional relationship – I live in terror of upsetting them.) 

Yesterday, to test the longevity of the Chubby Eyes, I wore 4 different colours while I was in bed with the flu and even though I was generating enough heat to power Hong Kong for a week, my Chubby Eyes stayed put. They didn’t melt away or go runny or even crease!

Now, the colours! There are 12 and I confess I am dazzled and astounded. As we’re coming into Spring (at least here in the northern Hemisphere) I expected an array of pastels and yes indeed there are some light colours like Bountiful Beige and Pink&Plenty. But to my surprise, there are some dark, dark shades, like Curvaceous Coal, which is almost black, Massive Midnight which is a deep dark blue and Mighty Moss which is mossy-coloured and – yes! - mighty. Then I understood the ambition of the range of colour choices – they were created to work together. So you can wear a light colour or two in the daytime and then you can scribble on one of the dark ones to create more sophisticated or dramatic evening eyes.

I like things to be ‘New and Exciting’ and Chubby Sticks for Eyes simply could NOT be more ‘New and Exciting.’ I also like things to be easy and Chubby Eyes could not be easier.

I believe they go on-sale on February 15 (although some lucky people were able to get theirs in advance on the on-lines.) If you fear your fella plans to buy you some dreadful red nylon underwear for Valentines’s Day, maybe  you could try to talk him out of it and get him to buy you a Chubby Eye or 2 instead…