Summer face!

Crème de la Mer SPF!

Cream blushers!


I have found my Summer ‘face’! It is uncomplicated and effective and and this is exciting for me because many obstacles stand, every day, between me and the outside world. One) the need to wash myself which I hate, but I do do and Two) the need to get dressed which we won’t get into now because it is a ruddy-well minefield and an exercise in extreme damage-limitation and Three) the need to wear make-up.

You might say that there’s no need for me to wear make-up but you have not seen me without it and if you did you might change your mind fairly lively. And the thing is that I am a cosmetic company’s dream because I am very very interested in make-up and buy many things – sunblocks and concealers and whatnot - and sometimes when I wake up, I lie in bed and consider the day ahead and when I think of all the products that I need to put on my clob before I look acceptable to the outside world, I feel a bit overwhelmed and decide it would be better if I simply lay in bed a bit longer, or perhaps even all day, which is no good to anyone.

So anyway, I heard Crème de la Mer were bringing out a tinted sunblock and I became very excited and I bored my nearest and dearest to veritable sobs as I wondered what it was like and would it be lovely and whether the cost could be justified. Because I’m afraid the cost is – yes – costly. There’s no way round it. It’s expensive. *Wrings hands helplessly* If I could change things I would!

I banged on about it so much that eventually my mammy pressed 20 yoyos on me. “Buy it,” she says. “You’re not getting any younger. And then do us all a favour and shut up about it. Even your poor clapped-out father is talking about driving you into Brown Thomas.” (This was worrisome because the poor aged Daddy has not been behind the wheel of a car for ‘some time.’ In fact, he no longer even owns a vehicle. Except for the stair-lift, of course. Which, fun as it it, we wouldn’t get very far in.)

I didn’t have the heart to tell the Mammy that 20 yoyos would not make much of a dent in the overall cost of the sunblock (it’s 85 Euro,) but nevertheless, having been given her blessing, I went ahead and I got it. And I have to tell you! It has filled my life with freedom!

This is how it goes - I clean my face in the morning and then I put it on – no serums, no moisturisers, no primers, no sun-block (because it is a sunblock, only 18SPF but a broad spectrum), no BB cream, no foundation. Just. This. One. Product.

I don’t use a brush or a sponge, I just rub it on with my hands, in careless circles, as if I was washing a window (not that such a thing is ever likely to happen) and it spreads with ease and full cooperation and I don’t have to worry about blending the edge at my hairline or any of that other worrying business. It’s like having a very efficient Personal Assistant who takes care of all the details.

However, for something so sheer, it makes my skin look beautiful. (Forgive me if I sound like a boasty boaster, I’m not saying my skin is beautiful, because most of the time it’s like a patchwork quilt.)

I’m not crediting the tint with anti-ageing powers or claiming a 98% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles or any of that guff. I’m not saying that it ‘does’ anything magical in the long-term, I’m simply saying that the immediate effect is beautiful and the ‘finish’ on it is fresh and natural – not at all shiny but not at all ashy and matte either.

And again, considering how sheer it is and also that I went for the lightest colour (there are only 3) it does an amazing job of neutralising my red chin (this came as a lovely surprise.) Even the purple sink-holes under my eyes are far perkier – although I am still using a yellow concealer, the pen from LaRoche Posay that I told you about another time.

There’s no need for powder or anything to set it, although some days, for extra warmth, I swipe on a bit of bronzer. At the moment I’m very much enjoying Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess (the powder, not the liquid) in the lightest colour, because it’s finely milled and not-sparkly - I have a ‘thing’ about wearing sparkly bronzer in the daytime – I am terrified of doing it.

And then! The cream blusher! My latest obsession! A Summer ‘face’ requires a gleamy-ish cream blusher, I have decided. In accordance with the obsessive compulsive I am, I have bought four! And am badgered-in-the-head by a fifth!

I’m after buying the Shu Uemura Cream On in Medium Pink, which is top-notch. Also the Revlon BabyStick in Pink Passion, which is good and costs less than a fiver. Also the strange and excitin’ O-Glow from Smashbox – do you know it? It’s an ‘intuitive’ clear gel that ‘transforms into the shade you blush naturally.’Which in my case happens to be a delightfully pinky, pink. And finally, I have Mission Flower from Essence Guerilla Gardening, which I got in my local chemist for 1 Euro 79 (actually, literally, really!) and is utterly, indescribably brilliant – it’s delightfully spready, it’s got great colour saturation and lasts until Doomsday. I’m told that Essence is Rimmel’s cheap range and it really IS incredibly cheap. Which makes me feel less bad about recommending the ferry expensive Crème de la Mer.

Oh yes? The fifth cream blusher I can’t get out of my head is the new Cello Shots from Estee Lauder (pronounced ‘sello’ like ‘cellophane’ and not like the musical instrument. I’ve seen pictures. I want to weep with the beauty of it.) 

Then a swipe of sheer lipstuff – at the moment I’m ‘on’ the Tom Ford in Flamingo – and I’m ‘good to go’. Although that is a ferry annoying phrase and I wish I hadn’t said it. But the thing is, it’s all over in seconds – I go from not-made-up to made-up in a fresh, Summery way that I feel really good about.

(I should mention that I’m wearing nothing at all on my eyes because I recently got my eyebrows tinted and my eyelash extensions redone.)

Yes, I am breezing out-of-the-house, looking all-pulled-together, like a streemly busy person with nevertheless excellent time-management skills! I am really enjoying ‘being’ this sort of lady! (Also, I have recently taken to wearing a cross-body bag, which makes me feel fast-moving and speedy and extra-efficient. I have TWO free hands (2!) to do things with!)

Please forgive me if the crème de la mer is way out of your price range - it’s far more important that you wear some sort of sunblock, and there are many available at a far less horrifying price. I’ve been a long-time fan of LaRoche Posay, which comes at a reasonable cost. Also the recently released Vichy Idealia BB cream has an SPF of 25 and is very nice.

Thank you for letting me write this, I feel better now that it’s ‘out’ of me and I hope that it has been informative or entertainin’ for you.

I hope that whatever Land you live in, that you are feeling Summery

With big kisses

Marian xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS Does anyone know what has happened to Becca? That was a lovely brand! Why has it gone away? Sad-face. (Shovel-list! Not Becca. But ‘Sad-face.’)

PPS What is this Sunday Riley brand I keep reading about?

PPPS I feel considerable shame for acting so ‘spendy.’ It is not healthy to buy 4 blushers, I do know that, especially when times are so hard for so many people. Please forgive me.