Further Under The Duvet - Reviews


You know how excited you feel when the new series of your favourite TV show is about to begin? Well, that's how we feel when a new Marian Keyes book comes out. A follow-up to Under The Duvet, Further... is another collection of anecdotes and magazine articles, some of which have already been published. With her trademark wit, Keyes deals with her favourite topics (her love of make-up, shoes and her family), as well as more difficult subjects, such as her battle with alcoholism and her emotional charity trips. Our favourite stories, include her spending spree in Tiffanys (she buys a silver wedding anniversary present for her sister - who's not married) and her amusing family trip to play bingo. You may feel like you've read a few of these before - you probably have in various magazines - but they're so good you won't mind. A must-read for all.

Kay Ribeiro


Marian Keyes' bittersweet, often hilarious, novels have made her one of Ireland's best-loved writers. But she's also made her mark as a journalist. Further Under the Duvet is her second collection of non-fiction writings, together with a few short stories, and very enjoyable it is too. Those who've read her novels know Keyes is equally adept at handling light and dark themes, and the book moves with ease from hilarious tales of shopping and socialising to the story of a visit to a Russian orphanage and a moving account of her recovery from alcoholism. However, my favourite piece was The F-Word, where Keyes writes with typical humour about her belated realisation that she could be a feminist even though she liked men and wearing pink. Whether she's talking about her glorious time as a make-up reviewer or her hatred of jet-lag, Keyes is always smart, witty and compulsively readable.

Anna Carey