The Mystery of Mercy Close - Facts


Format Published Publisher
Brit & Ire Hardback 2012 Penguin
Paperback Penguin
USA Hardback 2013 Penguin
Paperback Penguin

Translations Available Now

Sweden   Hemligheten på Mercy Close  Norstedts
Netherlands Ben Je Gek House of Books
 Denmark  En Sag for Helen Walsh  Cicero
 Spain  Helen no puede dormir  Plaza y Janes
 Norway  Mysteriet i Mercy Close  Cappelen Damm
 Germany  Glücksfall  Heyne
 Finland  Mercy Closen Mysteeri  Tammi

Netherlands CoverSweden cover

Forthcoming Translations

Country Publisher
Brazil Bertrand
Poland Sonia Draga
Czech Rep BB Arts
Catalonia Grup 62