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January, 2022

2022! Bridge Lessons! Now You’re Asking! Again, Rachel! Hello and I hope you’re all well and that January is not too miserable for you. Which leads me directly to the subject of New Year’s Resolutions. If you’ve made any and have already lapsed, will you hear me out on the subject? See, I sincerely believe […]

December 2017

Canada! Stomach ulcer! I win a reward! Old Vumman gets a new phone! Hello there and welcome to my November news, which may be brief because I am PONCHOED. Like giantly knackered. It’s been a fabaliss Autumn, travelling the globe and meeting so many people but I am home now and the adrenaline kept me […]

October 2017

Thank you Australia! The Grim Redzer! Ailment of the month! Hello there and please bear with me as I’ve just got back from Australia and although I had a wonderful, wonderful time (more of which anon) I am jetlagged out of my mind and I know that that sentence has a bang of glamour about […]

September 2017 – part II

September! The Break is published! Birthday ‘passes peacefully’ Strictly starts! Well! We have a lot to get through. I can barely remember the start of the month because even though September has only 30 days, they’ve been 30 very busy ones. On September 3rd, Old Vumman and Daddy Keyes had been merrhied FIFTY-FIVE years, so […]

September 2017

September! Baby Hannah arrives! Himself goes away and I go feral! Hello and welcome to my very very very favourite day of the year which is the 1st of September! September the first is the gateway to all good Autumnal things – the cessation of wretched Summer, the arrival of chillier evenings, the smell of […]

August 2017

Mi Scuzi! Hello, I’m back! And so is Autumn! Hello there, welcome to my shiny new website and I hope it is to your liking. It’s been a while since I’ve done a newsletter and my apologies for that, but the plan is that I’ll do one every two months for the foreseeable and maybe […]


Back in the long ago nineties, Rachel Walsh was a mess. But a spell in rehab transformed everything. Life became very good, very quickly.