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August 2017

Mi Scuzi! Hello, I’m back! And so is Autumn! Hello there, welcome to my shiny new website and I hope it is to your liking. It’s been a while since I’ve done a newsletter and my apologies for that, but the plan is that I’ll do one every two months for the foreseeable and maybe […]

Events 2017

Hear Marian as she talks for the first time about her latest novel The Break. Put your questions to the lady herself. And don’t forget to get your booked signed!

Madeira 2015

Ahowayiz! Now you may or may not know that I made a rash promise on the Twitters that I’d do a diary of my holiers in Madeira, the way I did when I was on my holiers in Antarctica…

Sali Hughes!

Hello amigos, hello, hello, hello. You are probably surprised to hear from me again so soon after my lengthy spell of unreliableness but so many interesting and lovely things have happened that I HAVE to tell you…


Hello there, hello and sorry as always for the long delay since the last newsletter. The thing is, I’m in thrall to twitter and tend to post all my news on it as it’s quick and immediate and I’m a slave to the instant gratification. So please forgive me…

Walsh family books


Failed relationships can be described as so much wasted makeup . . .